Saint Dominic’s Breaks Ground for New Parish Center

April 26, 2012

On Wednesday, April 25, the parishioners of Saint Dominic’s Church in Youngstown OH, joined their pastor, Fr. Gregory Maturi, O.P., and Bishop George Murry, S.J., for a groundbreaking ceremony for a new parish center.  The building project is just one of many initiatives Fr. Maturi has taken to help restore a deteriorating neighborhood.  Part of the plans for the parish center involve its use for programs to keep teens off the streets.  Fr. Maturi says, “They need a place, they need to have some constructive activity that can occupy them so they don’t get into trouble.”  The proposed $1.3 million facility is an investment in more than just the future of Saint Dominic’s Church; it’s an investment in the growth and stability of a whole neighborhood.

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