A Novena to St. Dominic

July 31, 2011

I would like to invite you to join myself and other friars in our province in praying a Novena which starts today or tomorrow and is prayed as we approach the feast of our Holy Father, St. Dominic (July 31-August 8). 
We invite you to pray with us, asking the intercession of St. Dominic on behalf of the needs of the world and for your own personal intentions.

The following hymn is sung each day after the recitation of the novena.

Thou who hero-like has striven
For the cause of God and heaven,
St. Dominic, whose life was given
Sinners to recall.
Saint of high and dauntless spirit,
By thy vast unmeasured merit,
By thy name which we inherit
Hear us when we call.

Flower of chastity the fairest
Of her lily buds thou bearest,
Snow white as the robe thou wearest,
Gift of hands divine.
With thy brow of starry splendor
With thine eyes so mild and tender
Mary’s client, Truth’s defender,
To our prayers incline.

This novena comes from the Nashville Dominican Sisters website, which itself has a lot of great resources.   Also, for an excellent summary of recent posts from our provincial website check out the latest monthly missive from the Dominican Province of St. Joseph. 

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