Angelic Warfare Confraternity of St. Thomas Aquinas

May 30, 2011

The Angelic Warfare Confraternity is a supernatural fellowship of men and women bound to one another in love and dedicated to pursuing and promoting chastity together under the powerful patronage of St. Thomas Aquinas and the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Confraternity is an official apostolate of the Dominican Order.

Our Next Vocation Weekends at the Dominican House of Studies

‎”Today the word ecclesia militans (Church militant) is somewhat out of fashion, but in reality we can understand ever better that it is true, that it bears truth in itself. We see how evil wishes to dominate the world and that it is necessary to enter into battle with evil. We see how it does so in so many ways, bloody, with the different forms of violence, but also masked with goodness, and precisely this way, destroying the moral foundations of society.”
                 —Pope Benedict XVI, May 22, 2012, Vatican City

Intro on the Angelic Warfare Confraternity (including audio clip by Fr. James Brent OP)

I would like to recommend this website ( to you which our province is in the process of promoting. It has good resources which would be helpful for each of you in living out chastity according to your state in life. Fr. James Brent OP who usually speaks on our vocation weekends is the Director of the Confraternity. Our aspirants are inducted into this Confraternity during all of our vocation weekends.

Here is a description of it from their website. Taylor Marshall has a post about it which I also would suggest.

Here are the 2 daily prayers to also be said with 15 Hail Mary’s: 
The Prayer to St. Thomas for Purity
Chosen lily of innocence, pure St. Thomas,
who kept chaste the robe of baptism
and became an angel in the flesh after being girded by two angels,
I implore you to commend me to Jesus, the Spotless Lamb,
and to Mary, the Queen of Virgins.
Gentle protector of my purity, ask them that I,
who wear the holy sign of your victory over the flesh,
may also share your purity,
and after imitating you on earth
may at last come to be crowned with you among the angels. Amen.

The Prayer of St. Thomas for Purity   (written by Dominican, St. Thomas Aquinas)
Dear Jesus,
I know that every perfect gift,
and especially that of chastity,
depends on the power of Your providence.
Without You a mere creature can do nothing.
Therefore, I beg You to defend by Your grace
the chastity and purity of my body and soul.
And if I have ever sensed or imagined anything
that could stain my chastity and purity,
blot it out, Supreme Lord of my powers,
that I may advance with a pure heart in Your love and service,
offering myself on the most pure altar of Your divinity
all the days of my life. Amen.

Here you will find the daily Angelic Warfare prayers with intentions. Those prayers are in audio form here:


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