The Passion of Christ: Conferences for Lent 2011

March 8, 2011

This Lent, join our student brothers of the Dominican House of Studies for evenings of reflection on the Passion of Christ. Brothers will be speaking in our parishes/campus ministries in Washington DC, New York City, Baltimore, and Charlottesville, VA.
  • Schedule for the Dominican House of Studies in Washington DC (link) (pdf)
  • Schedule for the Church of St. Philip & St. James at Johns Hopkins University (link) (pdf)
  • Schedule for the Church of St. Joseph at New York University (link)(pdf)
  • Schedule for the Church of Notre Dame at Columbia University (link)(pdf)
  • Schedule for St. Thomas Aquinas Parish at the University of Virginia (link)(pdf)
Each week during the season of Lent, each location will feature one of the talks below:
Wondrous That Tree: The Cross in Poetry
Bro. Sebastian White, O. P.
The holy and penitential season of Lent impels us to dwell upon our own sinfulness and need for redemption, and most importantly, the saving death of Christ on the Cross. Can poetry assist us in our prayer and observance of Lententide? In sooth, it can! By reflecting together on the Cross as it appears in poetry, we can be given a new and wondrous vision of “the wood of the Cross on which hung the Savior of the world.” Specifically, we will consider the Anglo-Saxon poetic vision, “the Dream of the Rood,” John Donne’s “The Cross”, and lastly, a few stanzas from the work of T.S. Eliot.
The Grotesque Iconography of Flannery O’Connor
Bro. Boniface Endorf, O. P.
Flannery O’Connor’s fiction and how it portrays the effects of Christ’s Passion and Man’s Redemption in this shockingly real world.
What Happened on the Cross?
Fr. Joseph Alobaidi, O. P.
Among the Gospel writers, St. Luke’s account of the Passion and death of Christ is unique. In this talk, an expert in Biblical Studies will offer a meditation on St. Luke’s depiction of the Crucifixion narrative.
The (Other) Good Thief
Bro. Cajetan Cuddy, O. P.
Focusing on the Cross and spirituality, this presentation is a theological reflection on the life of a modern day “Dismas” — a criminal who had a radical encounter with Jesus and the Cross. It is a true story of scandal, mercy, the meaning of true happiness, and the love of Christ.
Painting, Crucified
Bro. Gabriel Torretta, O. P.
The Crucifixion is a mystery of love too deep for mere words to express. As a result, Christians quickly turned to art to express the inexpressible, to return love for love. Painting, Crucified will trace the history of painted depictions of Christ’s Crucifixion from its earliest representations to contemporary forms. The talk will elucidate major patterns of artistic symbolism in crucifixion scenes as an aid to visual literacy in this important medium of Christian piety.
Death Amidst Life: Lenten Gregorian Chant
Bro. Innocent Smith, O. P.
The Dominican liturgy preserves many ancient chants that are sung during Lent and Passion-tide. These chants present beautiful articulations of Christian teachings on death, suffering, dependence on God’s mercy, and Christ’s protection of his people. This presentation will include the singing of several Latin chants, and will offer an exposition of their history, influence, and theological meaning.

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