The New Wine of Dominican Spirituality: A Drink Called Happiness

March 6, 2011

If you have not picked up this book by Irish Dominican, Fr. Paul Murray OP, I would highly suggest it! Many friars have said it is probably one of the best contemporary books written on the topic.  We are reading it in the refectory these days here at the Dominican House of Studies.

I am preparing to give a talk at St. Leo’s Parish in Fairfax, Virginia and I will be using it.  Fr. Paul taught me at the University of St. Thomas Aquinas (Angelicum) in Rome and helped direct my thesis on St. Catherine of Siena.

He was one of the more popular professors in Rome and one friar that you will never forget. He exhibits the joy of which he writes about in the Dominican spiritual life. At the “Ange” he always is given one of the largest classrooms because seminarians, priests, religious and lay people who study in Rome frequently come to his classes – even though they may not be registered formally.  Fr. Murray will be giving our annual house retreat here in Washington, DC from 15-20 August, 2011.

By the way, there are a number of great books written by Dominicans that we would recommend. Many of them are linked to our website,  Check them out and say a prayer that my talk goes well on Monday night!

Also, there are two more books recently written by Fr. Murray. I hear they are excellent, though they are not in our friars bookshop yet, they are available on I have linked them here below.


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