Hinnebusch Family of Dominican Vocations

February 26, 2011

Hinnebush Dominicans (7 of 10 kids joined the Order, yes all from the same family!)

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Fr. Fred Hinnebusch OP is the remaining member of their family who is in retirement here at the Dominican House of Studies. He is a great friar and a great example to the younger brethren of how the common Dominican life helps us to grow in holiness. He is remembered for his incredible lectures on Dominican History.

Fr. John Frederick Hinnebusch was the youngest in a family of ten children from Pittsburgh, seven of whom became Dominicans. Fr. Paul Hinnebusch was a preacher, Biblical scholar, and spiritual writer and Fr. William Hinnebusch was a Dominican historian. A third brother, Fr. Albert Louis Hinnebusch, also a Dominican, was very active in the Holy Name Society in the South. The three Dominican sisters, Sr. Claire, Sr. Regina Ann, and Sr. Dorothy, were members of the St. Mary of the Springs congregation in Ohio.

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